Employment Law

Our Employment litigation defense practice represents employers in all aspects of employment law and litigation across New Jersey. Lenox attorneys have successfully represented clients in wrongful discharge, employee discrimination and sexual harassment litigation in federal and state courts and in administrative proceedings. They defend clients against all types of discrimination claims, including claims arising from gender, race, national origin, age and disability. Our attorneys also handle Equal Employment Opportunity investigations and civil rights complaints.

Open Communication for the Best Resolution

From their vast litigation experience, Lenox attorneys are skilled at assessing lawsuits from the beginning, but also have the experience and know-how to properly alter their defense strategy as the case changes through discovery. One of the keys to our attorneys’ defense of employment claims is their commitment to keeping clients involved in every step of the litigation. They understand the importance of open communication – it strengthens the defense and helps clients better assess the best path to take towards resolution, whether at trial or settlement.

The Employment litigation defense team at Lenox Law works tirelessly to achieve the best results for each individual client.

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