Special Education Law Firm in Burlington County, NJ

Lenox Law Firm has defended Burlington County Public School Districts in all aspects of law related to the education of students with special needs. The attorneys have litigated cases defending the School District’s proposed individualized education plan or program before the New Jersey Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs and Policy, the New Jersey Administrative Law, the New Jersey Superior Court, and the Federal District Court for the District of New Jersey. Additionally, the Lenox Law Firm Attorneys have appeared before the Office of Law and Public Safety for the Division on Civil Rights Claims of Inequitable Treatment for Special Education students.

The Lenox Law Firm Attorney serve a special education counsel to a number of school districts in Burlington County NJ. Regularly, Attorneys Patrick Carrigg, Esq. The Lenox Law Firm has been successful in defending Burlington County claims of a denial of a free and appropriate education, a failure to find eligible or otherwise classify as well as decisions regarding the appropriate related service needs and a disable child. In fact, one of the only published decisions denying independent educational evaluations is a case brought by partner, Michael Pattanite, on behalf of one of the represented districts in the area of special education.

If you are a Burlington County school district in need of special education services, and/or have questions with regards to child study team functions and decisions, please do not hesitate to contact a Lenox Law Firm attorneys, who will readily assist you in your claim.

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