Probate/Estate Administration in Burlington County, NJ

The Burlington County probate and estate administration department is led by Robert P. Casey, Esquire and Robert F. Casey, Esquire with the support of the associates and paralegals in the Firm. The department spends a significant amount of its time handling the administration of estates and trusts in Burlington County, NJ. Areas of responsibility include probate, inventories, accountings, requests for instructions, will and trust interpretation, as well as prosecution and defense of will disputes and other court matters related to estates. Also included is the department’s expertise is the preparation and filing of inheritance tax returns and estate tax returns in the State of New Jersey and with the federal government.

Estate administration is a very personal and emotional undertaking and one the Firm takes very seriously, respectfully and efficiently.

Robert F. Casey, Esquire has handled numerous guardianship matters in Burlington County representing both plaintiffs seeking appointment of a guardian for a loved one, as well as alleged incapacitated individuals as appointed by the court.

Burlington County, NJ Estates and Trusts

The estates and trusts department has provided estate, elder care planning and trust administration and litigation services in Burlington County for over forty (40) years. The department has experience in preparation of everything from simple wills and trusts to more complex estate planning matters. The department imparts upon every client the need to have a will, power of attorney and living will so as to avoid difficult family decisions which can often be very expensive in the future.

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