About the Lenox Law Firm

The Lenox Law Firm specializes in Medical malpractice defense, Board of Medical Examiners Defense, Administrative Law, Tort Claims Act (General Negligence), Education, Employment, Commercial, Corporation, Workers Compensation, Matrimonial, Real Estate, Planning and Zoning, Probate, Insurance Law, Trials and Appeals. Recognized by Martindale-Hubbell in the Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers in the Categories of Civil Trial Practice, Insurance Defense Law, and General Practice, the Lenox Law Firm has been serving the professional community for more than 90 years.

Letter from our Senior Partner – Firm History

May 2015
Dear Friends, Clients, and Colleagues:

As I contemplate retirement, I now reflect on my forty-six (46) years of practice and the remarkable history of our law firm. I am grateful, honored, and proud to have been a member of our great firm and to have contributed to its success.

Our founder, Samuel D. Lenox, Sr., was admitted to the Bar in 1922 and soon distinguished himself as a vigorous advocate for his clients. Respected by judges, adversaries, and clients, he earned and deserved the reputation as a knowledgeable and principled trial attorney known for his industry, honesty, and integrity. I am proud these principles and qualities have been and continue to be embraced by the Firm’s members.

While sharing office space with Henry Hartman, a well-known and respected attorney with a Business and Estate Practice, Mr. Lenox recognized that his Practice was growing, and was joined by Nicholas M. Giordano, Jr. Soon thereafter, his son, Samuel D. Lenox, Jr., joined the Firm, and the Firm was renamed Lenox, Giordano and Lenox. In 1955 Richard J. S. Barlow, Jr. joined the Firm, which continued to place special emphasis on the defense of clients in civil litigation.

When Samuel D. Lenox, Jr. was appointed to the Bench, Martin P. Devlin, Jr. and Charles A. Delehey had joined the Firm, and the Practice then became known as Lenox, Giordano, Devlin and Barlow. The addition of Martin P. Devlin, Jr. augmented the Firm’s evolving Workers Compensation Practice on behalf of respondents, while Charles A. Delehey brought his experience from the Federal Court system to the litigation team.

I joined the Firm as a partner in 1969, and when Richard J. S. Barlow, Jr. was appointed to the Bench in 1973, the Firm became Lenox, Giordano, Devlin, Delehey and Socey. The Firm continued to expand its Civil Litigation Defense Practice into the fields of products liability and medical negligence (representing hospitals, nurses, and physicians). When George Wilgus, III, a former Mercer County Assistant Prosecutor, joined the Firm, our litigation capability was further strengthened.

With the passing of Mr. Hartman (and contrary to the usual father asks son to join him), my father, Rudolph A. Socey, Sr., a solo practitioner whose Practice was concentrated on Business, Real Estate, and Estates, was asked in 1974 to join the firm “Of Counsel,” thereby insuring continuity in providing legal services to transactional clients. With the addition of Roland R. Formidoni, the Workers Compensation Practice managed by Martin P. Devlin, Jr. was strengthened and expanded.

Similarly, when Robert P. Casey joined the Firm in 1980, our Practice base was broadened with his Real Estate, Land Use, and Business Practice. As an aside, Bob and I first met one another as teammates on a 12 year-old All Star basketball team (We Won!). In a few years, as that Practice experienced impressive growth, Thomas M. Brown joined the firm to complement that Practice.

When Charles A. Delehey was appointed as a Superior Court Judge in 1988, the Firm then became known as Lenox, Socey, Wilgus, Formidoni & Casey. Because the Medical Negligence Defense Practice blossomed, Gregory J Giordano joined me to further develop this aspect of the practice. The continued growth of the Medical Defense Practice led to the addition of Jeremy P. Cooley and Joseph R. Lang, at which time the firm had six (6) Certified Civil Trial Attorneys in its litigation practice.

In addition to representing private and corporate clients, our Firm members have served as counsel to numerous governmental agencies including the Mercer County Improvement Authority, Princeton Township Zoning Board, Lawrence Township Planning Board, Plainsboro Township Planning Board, and Hopewell Township Planning Board. Additionally, members of the Firm have been requested to provide counsel to County agencies as well as to employees of various State agencies.

The Firm is honored that five (5) of its attorneys have been appointed as Superior Court Judges. In addition to Samuel D. Lenox, Jr., Richard J.S. Barlow, Jr., and Charles A. Delehey, Linda Feinberg and Thomas M. Brown were also elevated to the Bench while Robert P. Casey served as a Municipal Court Judge for thirteen (13) years.

The Firm has always had a strong presence in participating in activities of the Mercer County Bar Association. While I served two terms as President, other members of the Firm have been Trustees and active as Chairs of various committees. The Firm was recognized in 2011 by the Mercer County Bar Association as the recipient of the Community Partner Award.

As we celebrate our 93rd year, the Firm continues to represent clients in the defense of civil litigation involving medical negligence, automobile liability, general liability, as well as workers compensation. The growth in the transactional practice has resulted in Robert F. Casey joining his father and us with a focus on business law. The Firm has also developed a strong practice in educational law, representing and defending Boards of Education, administrative staff, and teachers. Patrick F. Carrigg has made significant contributions to the expansion of this aspect of our Practice.

I am proud that the current members of the Firm continue to provide excellent legal advice and services to our clients and continue to adhere to the principles of integrity, honesty, and industry in providing those services in a competent, efficient, and effective manner. Given our talented and industrious associate staff, I am confident the Firm will continue to earn the confidence and respect of our clients leading to the continued growth of the Practice.

I am exceedingly appreciative of having been able to have been associated with and practiced with such fine, well regarded, and talented law partners throughout the years.

My best to all in the future,


Rudolph A. Socey, Jr.