Land Use, Planning, and Zoning Law Firm in Camden County, NJ

Robert P. Casey, Esquire has been a leader in land use law in Camden County over the last forty (40) years with a primary focus on the Camden County, NJ area. Mr. Casey has been the planning and/or zoning board attorney for various municipalities within Camden County, NJ. Both Mr. Casey and his son, Robert F. Casey, Esquire, have represented numerous large commercial entities in a variety of land use applications, from seeking administrative waivers and variances and site plan approvals all the way through to arguing before the New Jersey Supreme Court on land use appeals.

The department, supported by the associates and paralegals, has extensive experience in obtaining permits, approvals and certifications from local planning and zoning boards, county boards and special regional and state agencies. Over the years, the department has established its reputation by developing innovative approaches for its clients, resulting in successful approvals before planning and zoning boards throughout Camden County, NJ.

The department handles virtually all types of land development and re-development projects in Camden County ranging from residential site plans and subdivisions, commercial and industrial parks, shopping centers, to specialized heavy industrial facilities. The department has mastered the “team approach,” working with other professionals, including architects, planners, engineers, environmental consultants, traffic engineers, sound impact experts, hydrologists, geologists and economists whose work combined with the specific project is essential to a complete and ultimately successful application before the respective boards.

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